The Need

Hearing loss increases social isolation and potential for mental health issues.

In terms of young deaf people who are oral, despite medical devices such as cochlear implants and hearing aids a deaf teenager will not have their hearing fully restored to or as that of normal levels.

Hear for You implements prevention strategies addressing the key problems affecting education and career outcomes:

Problem: Social Isolation

Solution: Hear For You is the place to be

12 – 20 young deaf people participate and directly connect and engage with each other, and with 4 – 6 young adult mentors who are deaf through evidence-based mentoring programs.

Problem: Reliance on communication technology and access

Solution: Provision of information and development of skills to combat this

Presentations on accessible technology options and tactics.

Assertiveness and social awareness mentoring.

Problem: Parents don’t understand

Solution: Hear For You informs and educate the parents as well

Parents of participants to attend parent presentation and improve understanding of issues their child faces and networking with other parents. In

Fact 90% of parents of Hear for You participants have no prior experience of deafness or hearing loss within their lives prior to their child’s.

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