Life’s not easy when you’re a teenager – and if you’re deaf or hard of hearing, it can be even trickier.

School stress, friend dramas, social media anxiety… when you’re a teenager, it’s all happening. Add deafness to the mix, and you’re in the middle of a perfect storm. After all, communication is kind of critical (especially when you’re trying to come up with the perfect comeback in a convo that’s happening at the speed of light).

Hear for You was set up to make your bumpy teenage ride a little smoother.

Our organisation was established by adults who have been in your shoes, and who want to help you navigate this stage of your life more easily. We run a range of programs and workshops that give teenagers like you the chance to connect, pick up new skills and strategies, find mentors and also have a good time (yes really… you will have fun, and not just some lame kind of ‘organised’ fun!).

Curious? Good, so you should be!

We know you probably have heaps going on, but if you wouldn’t mind an outlet where people actually get what life’s like for you, why not check out one of our events? You can see what we have going on right here, plus find out a bit of our back story here.

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