Hear For You is a unique community that offers support and guidance to teenagers living with deafness or hearing loss. Hear For You was created by Olivia Anderson who is deaf, and is run by people who are deaf, for young people who are deaf. We provide a fully inclusive, safe environment for teenagers to be themselves and interact with others who understand what they are going through.

We provide a range of workshops designed to offer support and guidance on issues such as communication and advocacy in a fun and interactive environment. Hear For You provides the opportunities for deaf/ hard of hearing teenagers to connect with their peers and to access advice from adult mentors who have been through the same journey. Deafness is removed as a point of difference at Hear For You.

All of our adult mentors and facilitators are living with hearing loss – having walked in your shoes – they are dedicated to improving the lives of future generations.

Having a sense of belonging is crucial to well-being and we’re proud to provide that for teenagers who are deaf or have hearing loss.

You can find the latest calendar of upcoming programs and workshops here.

Face-to-Face Mentoring Programs

Hear For You specialise in interactive workshops and mentoring programs for 12–18-year-olds with deafness or hearing loss. There are also interactive workshops available for those aged 9-12 and our Primary2Secondary program that targets the transition from primary to secondary school.

Primary2Secondary and Year 7 (2 sessions)

Heading to high school soon? Get ready for an exciting and informative session designed to make your transition to high school a smooth and enjoyable journey! Join us for a special Primary2Secondary event, tailored for students with a hearing loss, who are heading into high school, and their families. During this session you will meet our fantastic mentors and current Hear For You participants who will be able to provide valuable advice through their own lived experience of having hearing loss and starting high school.  For the parents, we’ve got something special for you too! By attending these sessions, you’ll be able to hear from other parents of current Hear For You participants who will provide you with invaluable insights into how to help your child have a seamless transition into high school.  Additionally, we will have live captioning available throughout the event.  You won’t want to miss this event, secure your spot today. Spaces are limited and booking is essential so get in quick! See you there! 

Rock My World (1-2 days)

The Rock My World workshops are generally one-day workshops that encourage teens to interact with others and our incredible mentors while undertaking fun activities. Whether they are walking through treetops or making a short film, the sense of camaraderie and belonging is assured.

Life Goals Skills Metro (4 days – One Day a month for 4 Months)

Our Life Goals Skills mentoring program is our flagship program for teenagers with hearing loss. We match teenagers with genuine adult mentors with deafness or hearing loss who have experienced many of the same challenges throughout their teenage years. Through group and one-on-one mentoring sessions, they will explore topics such as conflict resolution, communication, and social media.

This program offers a unique opportunity for teenagers to connect with someone who understands their situation and has a wealth of experience in overcoming obstacles and thriving.

Life Goals Skills Blast (2 days)

Dive into an incredible weekend of growth and connection at the 2023 Life Goals & Skills Blast! So what’s all the buzz about our Life Goals and Skills Blast? Well, it’s the same as our flagship Life Goals & Skills Program but condensed into one action-packed weekend! Here you’ll be able to connect with our amazing mentors who, just like you, have lived experience with hearing loss and can help answer your questions. Having hearing loss as a teenager isn’t something you have to go through alone. With our supportive community, you can connect with like-minded individuals in a safe space where you can share ideas, or simply talk about an area of your life with someone who understands. There is also a session for parents and teachers on one of the days as we know the crucial role you play in your child’s life. This session will be a space to share experiences, insights, and strengthen your support network.  To make sure everyone’s part of the conversation, we will also have the Phonak Sound Field System and Live Captioning during the session. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity, register today and be a part of a transformative weekend!  

School Visits and Presentations

With your teacher or itinerant teacher’s help, we can also visit your school for either:

One-on-One Mentoring Visits – We can arrange to have a mentor visit you at your school to say hi and have a chat (dependent on geographical location and availability).

Hearing Health Awareness Presentations to Hearing Students – we also offer your school year or class presentations regarding the importance of preventing noise-induced hearing loss, raise awareness around the deafness/ hearing loss spectrum and dispel common misconceptions about people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

To find out more – contact us here!

Deciding if our Mentoring Programs and Workshops are for you?

Our mentorships and workshops may seem like another weekend activity for a busy teenager but unlike most teenagers, those who are deaf or hard of hearing will rarely find a workshop designed for them, by people like them, who share the particular challenges and questions as they do.

Living in a hearing world can be isolating and many of our participants, despite their initial reservations about becoming involved, enjoyed the experience. Getting to know other teenagers who are in similar situations and forming new relationships that benefits you in many ways.

Our mentors are fun, energetic, and genuine and are dedicated to improving the lives of young people and paving a path to make their journey easier. They are all deaf/hard of hearing themslves so they know exactly what it id like/also means they understand what it is like and have walked in their shoes!

So, give The Hear For You programs a chance to enhance your life or the life of someone you love.

You will be glad you did.

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