Our mentoring programs and workshops are the core of what we’re all about. These vary from four-day programs to one-hour sessions, and they’re held all over Australia. What’s important to know is that they’re all focused on the same thing: giving deaf teenagers support, guidance and the chance to meet some people who actually ‘get’ what they’re going through.  Our mentors themselves are young, deaf or hard of hearing adults, who have been there and experienced the same challenges you’re facing. They really do ‘get it’.

You can find the latest calendar of upcoming programs and workshops here.

Learn More About Our Online Mentoring Programs

We offer online mentoring programs to deaf and hard of hearing teens aged between 12-18 years. You can choose between the following programs.

Community Catch Up Sessions (1 hour) 

Currently every Tuesday between 5pm – 6pm.

Life Goals and Skills Sessions (1-6 hours) 

Life Goals and Skills programs cover topics like coding, graphic design and robotics. The focus is to bring together deaf and hard of hearing teenagers with inspiring mentors.

League of Hearoes (Private Minecraft Server)

Perfect for teenagers who love to game and build epic creations. You can find out more about League of Hearoes here.

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Learn More About Our Face-to-Face Mentoring Programs

We offer mentoring programs to deaf and hard of hearing teens aged between 12-18 years. You can choose between the following programs.

Life Goals Skills Metro (4 days)

Our flagship mentoring program, which focuses on bringing together deaf and hard of hearing teenagers with inspiring mentors. Through group, peer and one-on-one mentoring, we explore a whole range of topics, from communication conflict resolution, to school and school subject choices and social media.

Life Goals Skills Blast (2 days)

A shortened version of our flagship mentoring program, designed especially for teens living in regional and rural areas. Over two days, this workshop brings together deaf and hard of hearing teenagers with inspiring mentors – exploring a range of issues through group, peer and one-on-one mentoring. A great way to connect with people who just ‘get it’, in real life!

Primary2Secondary (2 sessions)

Four younger teens we also offer a unique two-part program that helps kids who are deaf or hard of hearing to make the transition from Year 6 to high school. We cover a range of things, from making new friends to dealing with bullying and simply finding your way round. Parents are welcome too (hey, someone’s gotta drive!).

Take a look at our Workshops

Rock My World (1-2 days)

These one-off workshops all focus on a different thing – from film-making to treetop adventures. The common theme? Fun! (Hey, it should never be underrated). As well as taking part in interesting activities, you’ll also hear from a guest presenter and connect with mentors as part of the experience. Not a bad way to spend a day or two, right?

Film Making and Editing Workshops (2 weekends) 

These workshops take place over two weekends and allows you to create and edit a film. You also have the opportunity to enter your film into our  special Hear For You Film Festival – which is only open to deaf and hard of hearing teenagers all over Australia. So if you are a pro filmmaker or one who is just keen to get started, you are welcome to enter the competition!

Deciding if our Mentoring Programs and Workshops are for you?

As a teenager, we know you probably already have a busy life. Between school, friends and avoiding homework, you probably don’t have heaps of spare time – and you might not want to spend it in a roomful of deaf strangers.

And we get that. We hear it a lot. A lot of our participants turn up feeling pretty sceptical – but 9 out of 10 tell us they’re really glad they came.

If this is what you’re thinking, we only ask one thing: give it a chance before you rule it out. Even if you don’t think Hear For You is your kind of thing, you might be surprised by how much you get out of our mentoring programs and workshops.

You might meet someone awesome who you’d never have stumbled across in real life (or even online). You might solve a problem that’s been bugging you, or even get some clarity about your future. Whatever the case, it’s worth giving Hear For You a shot, promise!

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Don’t just take our word for it! Read what others have to say.

Participants, mentors and parents share their experiences across our ranger of programs and workshops. You can learn more here on our Testimonials page.

Take a look at Community Outreach Sessions

As well as working with teenagers, Hear For You takes an active role in educating the community about the needs of deaf and hard of hearing young people. We run Community Outreach sessions for schools, teachers, audiologists, community groups and families. By working together, we can all create an environment where deaf and hard of hearing teenagers have the support they need to realise their potential and thrive!

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