John Lui

John Lui, NSW State Manager

Born profoundly deaf, uses voice to communicate and has one Cochlear implant in his left ear, John joined the team in 2013, bringing loads of life experience as a deaf teenager who has been to different primary and high schools both in Australia and overseas. Even more, John is Australia’s only deaf Junior Development and Club Professional qualified tennis coach from Tennis Australia, and has been playing for Australia at Deaflympics since 2003.

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Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca Stewart – Western Sydney Coordinator

Bec was born into a mostly hearing-impaired family, with a hearing impaired dad and older brother, a hearing mum and 7 other family members with varying levels of hearing loss. At three years old Bec was diagnosed with a mild loss and received her first hearing aids at 5. In early 2017 she started learning Auslan along with a few other Hear For You mentors.

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Cassandra Mulo – Mentor (Queensland)

Cassandra is profoundly deaf and wears a cochlear implant. She was raised in a hearing environment and attended main stream schools for the most of her life which resulted in most social circles being mostly hearing friends. Cassandra currently works full time as a Senior Biosecurity Officer, as well as spending her spare time volunteering at Hear For You.

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marie crema

Marie Crema – Mentor

Marie has bilateral, severe – profound, sensorineural hearing loss and was one of two deaf students in her year at school. As well as being a mentor for Hear For You, Marie also works for Australian Hearing.

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