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Life Goals & Skills Metro (4 days)

Our flagship mentoring program, which focuses on bringing together deaf and hard of hearing teenagers with inspiring mentors. Through group, peer and one-on-one mentoring, we explore a whole range of topics, from communication & conflict resolution, to school and school subject choices and social media.

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Life Goals & Skills Blast (2 days)

A shortened version of our flagship mentoring program, designed especially for teens living in regional and rural areas. Over two days, this workshop brings together deaf and hard of hearing teenagers with inspiring mentors – exploring a range of issues through group, peer and one-on-one mentoring. A great way to connect with people who just ‘get it’, in real life!

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Rock My World (1-2 days)

These one-off workshops all focus on a different thing – from film-making to treetop adventures. The common theme? Fun! (Hey, it should never be underrated). As well as taking part in interesting activities, you’ll also hear from a guest presenter and connect with mentors as part of the experience. Not a bad way to spend a day or two, right?

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Filmmaking and Editing Workshops (including Hear For You Film Festival) 

Did you know we have a special Hear For You Film Festival open to deaf and hard of hearing teenagers all over Australia this year? Whether you are a pro filmmaker or one who is just keen to get started, you are welcome to enter the competition!

** September 2018 –  Check out our landing page about the Festival for all the films made in 2018, media coverage, and when the 2019 workshops are on.


Primary2Secondary (2 sessions)

A unique two-part program that helps kids who are deaf or hard of hearing to make the transition from Year 6 to high school. We cover a range of things, from making new friends to dealing with bullying and simply finding your way round. Parents are welcome too (hey, someone’s gotta drive).

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Community Outreach (1-2 hours)

At Hear For You we love sharing our knowledge and insights with the broader community, so we run Community Outreach sessions with workplaces and community groups.

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If you have questions about any of these activities, drop us a line. We can give you more info, or even book you in.

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