Each year we hold a filmmaking course and then host a Film Festival highlighting the talents of deaf or hard of hearing teenagers.

We give Australian deaf or hard of hearing secondary school students the opportunity to script, shoot and edit a film for entry into a nationwide competition.

Whether you are a pro filmmaker or one who is just keen to get started, you are welcome to enter the competition!

You can join our filmmaking and editing courses to learn more about:

  • script writing,
  • shooting and
  • editing films.

All films are shot on mobile phones or tablets so this is a workshop that is accessible to all budding filmmakers.

To complete the filmmaking workshop participants will need to have access to a Mobile Phone or iPad for filming, and a computer for editing.

How To Enrol in Filmmaking and Editing Courses

Our Filmmaking Course is part of our Rock My World (RMW) Program. These sessions are run by professional filmmakers and our legendary mentors who are keen to help you to create your film masterpiece!

For 2020 we will be hosting a virtual filmmaking course via Zoom. Any deaf or hard of hearing teenager around Australia is encouraged to join the course.

Following is the timetable for this year’s sessions.

Session 1: 16 May – 9:00 – 11:30 – Introduction and Story Structure
Session 2: 17 May – 9:30 – 11:30 – Story World/Plot
Session 3: 23 May – 9:30 – 11:30 – Heads of Department
Session 4: 24 May – 9:30 – 11:30 – Coverage/Shot lists/Release Forms

Saturday 30 and 31 May – Students are to work independently – no lessons required.

Session 5: 6 Jun – 9:30 – 11:30 – Feedback on shoot
Session 6: 7 Jun – 9;30 – 11:30 – Post Production – Edit
Session 7: 13 Jun – 9;30 – 11:30 – Music/Sound Design

Sunday 14 and Saturday 20th June – Students are to work independently – no lesson required.

Session 8: 21 Jun – 9:30 – 12:00 Screen films to group – Virtual Festival Feedback.

How To Register for the 2020 Virtual Filmmaking Course

Click this link and complete the Google form to secure your spot in the 2020 Virtual Filmmaking Course.

You can use your NDIS funding to cover the filmmaking course.

Once you have registered we will invite you to the Zoom session.

Submission Deadline for the 2020 Virtual Filmmaking Course

Please ensure your film is submitted by Friday 7 August 2020, 11.59PM.

Details on how to submit your film can be found here.

2020 Film Festival Screening

Films will be showcased at the annual Hear For You Film Festival in September at the Golden Age Cinema, Sydney.

If lockdown restrictions are still in place we will host a “Virtual Film Festival” for filmmakers and their parents/friends/carers.

Film Festival History & Winners

To learn more about the history of our Film Festival and see previous winning entries, please click here.

Film Festival Submissions

To learn more about how to submit your film in the next Film Festival please click here.

Got a Question?

Please email us with any questions you have that are not covered here.