HFY film festival

2019 Theme is…   FRIENDSHIPS!

How To Submit Your Film

2019 film entries close Friday 26th July 11:59pm (AEDT).  You can start submitting your film entry now!

Please file drop all entries using MediaFire.

Follow these steps when uploading your film to MediaFire:

  1. Click this link MediaFire Filedrop.
  2. Drag and drop your file as instructed, and wait for the upload to complete. NOTE: this may take a few minutes.
  3. Once the upload is complete, you will see an UPLOAD COMPLETE notification on-screen.
  4.  Please send an email to [email protected] to advise that you have uploaded your film successfully. We can then double-check the file.
  5. We will send you an email confirming your film submission has been received.

Paperwork You Need To Submit Your Film

In order to submit your film you will need to complete the following forms.

Personal Release Permissions:

If you’re a minor (under 18 years) print this one:

Minor RMW HFY 2019 HFY Film Festival Filming Permission Personal Release

Participants 18 Years and over, use this one:

RMW HFY 2019 HFY Film Festival Filming Permission Personal Release

Film Submission Information:

Release Rock My World HFY 2019 Film Submission Information

Filming Location Agreement:

RMW HFY 2019 HFY Film Festival Filming Location Agreement Template updated

Call Sheet Template For Participants:

Rock My World HFY 2019 Call Sheet template for participants

Premiere Screening & Red Carpet Event

The winners will be announced at the Premiere Screening and Red Carpet event in SYDNEY on 22nd August at the Golden Age Cinema!

Where Can I Enrol in the 2o19 Film-Making and Editing Workshops??

For 2019, we have released the dates for our Film-Making Workshops as part of our Rock My World Program. These workshops are run by professional filmmakers and our legendary mentors who are keen to help you to create your film masterpiece!

To find out more, click on a link below for the workshop nearest to you!

Saturday 22 June to
Sunday 23 June 2019
Saturday 8 June to
Sunday 9 June 2019
Workshop 1: Saturday 27 April to
Sunday 28 April 2019
Workshop 2: 4 May  to 5 May 2019

I’m also interested in other Hear For You workshops, where can I find out their details?

Hear For You offers a variety of awesome mentoring programs designed to allow you work out your journey to your dreams and potential.

Life Goals & Skills Metro
(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)
Rock My World
(all locations)
Life Goals & Skills Blast
(Rural/Regional Centres)
Find Out More
Find Out More
Find Out More

2018 Results

The Hear For You National Film Festival 2018 is supported by Australian Hearing who selected the theme of (drum roll please….)  –  Love @…

Films were made by deaf and hard of hearing teenagers from NSW, QLD, and Victoria, with 11 entries from QLD and NSW being submitted in the 2018 competition.

The winners are:

  • Best Screenplay: “WHAT AM I MISSING?” by Karen Nguyen, Samira Cox and India Cox
  • Best Director: Oscar Lynch for “TEDDY BEAR LOVE STORY”
  • Best Film: “THE BUS STOP” by Raymond Moreno, Jared Donaldson, and Richard Moir
  • Judges’ Award: “TEDDY BEAR LOVE STORY” by Oscar Lynch

The winners were announced at the Premiere Screening and Red Carpet event in Sydney on 16 August 2018 at the Golden Age Cinema.  Three of the winning films were selected by Australian Hearing to show in their clinics all over Australia and on their social media.

All films are available for viewing on our Hear For You YouTube Channel, with one also shown each week here on this page.

SHOWING FROM THE 2018 FILM FESTIVAL: Best Director and Judges Favorite Film – ‘Teddy Bear Love Story’ by Oscar Lynch.

Scroll down for more information on the Film Festival.

Check out the media coverage of our 2018 Films!

Yep we did, and to give you an idea of where, check out the media list below.