Online programs are on hiatus and are being reviewed at this point in time.

The introduction of online programs

During 2020, most of our face-to-face programs were adapted to suit online learning.

Online programs are delivered via Zoom, are captioned, and allow interpreters to be present. Interpreters should be requested prior to a scheduled event.

What online programs are available?

Life Goals and Skills Online

Our flagship mentoring program has been adapted as an online version, offering a range of courses.

We focus on bringing together deaf and hard of hearing teenagers with inspiring mentors. Through group, peer and one-on-one mentoring, we explore a whole range of topics, from communication & conflict resolution, to school and school subject choices and social media.

We have a selection of Life Goals and Skills online programs that include:

  • Coding
  • League of Hearoes (Minecraft online gaming)
  • Graphic design
  • Career & Job Opportunities
  • Cooking

You can find the latest program listing here.

Parent Information Sessions

We run parent support groups throughout the year. You can check our program page for upcoming events.

We also run a Facebook Support & Community Page – you can join us here.

Can I use NDIS Funding to cover costs of Programs and Workshops?

You may be able to use to use NDIS funding to cover the cost of any programs and workshops. The fundsing guide below outlines what you are eligible for. Email us if you are unsure about how to apply for this:

If for any reason you do not have access to NDIS, we do have sponsored places which part-pays the session fee – please email us for further information.

How does the NDIS fund the online programs?

NDIS Funding Guide

  • o Our current pricing structure are charged under Capacity Building Supports within the two specific line items below:

???????? Support category 9 is now $65.09 per hour (Item No. 09_006_0106_6_3)
???????? Support category 15 is now $57.10 per hour (Item No. 15_035_0106_1_3)

Here’s an example: The Virtual Filmmaking Workshop can use Support Category 15. So if a teenager is locked in for 16 hours for filmmaking – the course cost will be $868.80

What is the process if my NDIS funds are used to cover the costs of attendance?

There are certain steps to follow regarding payment before and after the workshop. Firstly, you must register for the workshop on EventBrite.


  • We will issue a Service Agreement (if Self-managed or Third-party Provider managed) for your signature and return back to us
  • If you are NDIA-managed, the booking will be processed via the NDIS Provider Portal on our end.


  • Following the event, an invoice covering the hours agreed in your Service Agreement will be created and sent to either you (self/third party managed) or NDIS (NDIA managed) after the completion of your first session.
  • Note, if you are Third-Party Provider managed, you just forward the invoice to them.

Why do we recommend booking multiple sessions/workshop courses in one go?

  • Booking into multiple sessions/workshop courses in one go means only the ONE Service Agreement and ONE invoice/receipt will need to be issued.
  • This will help cut down on time chasing paperwork for both yourself and Hear For You.

What is the difference between an individual session and a workshop course?

  • Individual sessions (e.g. Community Catch Up Online Sessions) are one-off sessions.
  • Courses have a predetermined number of sessions which means when you book into a course, you will be paying for all of those sessions.

What is the cancellation policy if I need to cancel or withdraw from a course or session?

  • Once the Service Agreement has been signed and returned to Hear For You, there is a 10-day cancellation period.
  • Any cancellation requests after 10 days will be at the discretion of the CEO, David Brady.

Please email us immediately if any of the following situations apply to you

  • I am not eligible for NDIS and am unable to pay for the course out of our own pocket
  • My NDIS Plan is currently under review or appeal
  • I have no funding left in my NDIS Plan

You can email us here.

Future options as per information released by NDIA on Thursday 9th April, 2020

Usage and costs of internet data

  • The NDIS will review and work on a solution regarding participants potentially using their NDIS funding or a supplement to cover the costs of internet data.

Accessing other funds in plan (self-managed or Third Part provider Managed

  • The NDIA is reviewing the possibility of allowing Self-Managed and Third-Party Managed participants to access unspent funds in another Support Budget within their Plan e.g. Core Supports or Capacity Building, to pay for services during COVID-19.


Please email us with any questions you have that are not covered here.