Isabella    Nerves to Confident Learning

The workshop was a nerve-wracking experience at first but once I met all the mentors I felt very welcomed and curious to know what I was going to learn from the day. Just knowing that everyone that surrounded me was deaf just like myself was amazing. I felt that everyone understood each other and shared stories we never thought anyone else would understand. 

Honestly, my favourite part of the workshop was when the two guest speakers, mentor Olivia’s sister and Kate’s boyfriend, came and talked to us about how they have coped and dealt with living with a deaf person. I found both of their talks extremely interesting as I’ve never been given that opportunity so that was the time to really knuckle down and ask any questions from their point of view. 

Overall I learnt an awful lot, not only about myself but other deaf people too and I am looking forward to what lies ahead at the next workshop!

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