People who are deaf or hard of hearing are active in every community – they’re our neighbours, teachers, doctors, solicitors, family members and friends. In spite of this, a lot of people still remain very much in the dark about what life with deafness is really like.

At Hear For You, we want to make the world a place where all people can reach their potential, whether they’re deaf or not. For this reason, we love getting amongst the community to share our knowledge and insights.

Led by our team (many of whom are deaf themselves) we are proud to run Community Outreach sessions at schools, workplaces and community groups across the country. We also talk about topics such as:

  • The prevalence of deafness and hearing loss
  • Hearing loss prevention strategies
  • How to create inclusive environments for deaf or hard of hearing people, specifically teenagers

Interested in organising a session? Contact us here.