Imagine being the only deaf teenager in high school where noone understands the challenges of living in a hearing world


of deaf children and adolescents attend mainstream schools where they are often the sole student in their class or school who is deaf.

(Mitchell & Karchmer, 2004).


teenagers in Australia who are deaf or hard of hearing

(Australian Hearing, 2018).


of children with permanent hearing loss are born to hearing parents

(Mitchell & Karchmer, 2004).

Here’s why we need your support

Why We Exist

How YOU Can Help More Teenagers
Like Grace and Tara

Help Us Provide Support 365 Days a Year

The Need: Online Mentoring Program

  • Provide a place where 8,000 deaf teenagers in Australian can access 365 days per year.
  • Connect deaf teenagers with a team of deaf staff mentors, on communication issues, mental health and social skills.
  • Engage with people who “get” them.
  • Supply a confidential safe place for deaf teenagers to feel supported.

We need your support because:

  • The NDIS does not fund these type of initiatives.
  • We are entering the 5G era.
  • Teenagers have high technology expectations and we love to push technology boundaries.
  • Our Year 1 project funding goal is $200,000.

We Love To Challenge Community Perceptions on Hearing Loss

Hear For You supports teenagers to challenge perceptions that deaf people are unable to do things. We need support for two interactive programs to help our teenagers overcome perceptions and show the Australian public what we can overcome.

  • 2020 Film Festival support
  • 2020 Music Festival and first concert with all deaf musicians in Australia

We are looking for partners to help us make these a reality and challenge the norm.

Yes, I Can Help

We don’t want others to lose their hearing, we can help you find out why hearing for life is important to you and your colleagues

Parent of Year 9 participant

2020 Corporate Community Engagement Program

– How We Can Help You

  • Hear For You are giving back to you. We are offering lived experience public speaking presentations to corporates and organisations in 2020.
  • On the back of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Deafness Forum of Australia world Hearing Day, Hear For You are offering speakers to share their personal experience and promote the message from WHO about prevention of hearing loss, educate people on deafness, and explain the ways individuals can support those who have a hearing loss fulfil their potential.
  • We have a team of deaf adults who are staff, mentors, and graduates all ready to provide 30 minutes of their insightful and inspiring journey to your staff/members of your organisation.

First speakers available from 2 March 2020 in Hearing Awareness Week.