A fantastic and very valuable program. Programs like this help to validate the young deaf person’s worth, improve self-esteem, networks and provide ‘lived’ experiences that teenagers can relate to. I very much appreciate it. Thank you!


Coming to Hear for You was strange at first, but I made friends quickly and felt like the mentors really understood how I felt and what I was going through.


Lachlan and I are so thankful for the awesome opportunities you all are making available for him and all the other kids involved in the program.  Thank you so much!!


My experience with the ‘Hear for You’ team was excellent because it helped me to feel stronger about myself and this allowed me to go ahead and apply for the perfect position and not worry about negative outcomes because at last I had a go.  I would like to than everyone at ‘Hear for You’ for their great program which really helps make a difference.


Just knowing that everyone that surrounded me was deaf just like myself was amazing.  I felt that everyone understood each other and shared stories we never thought anyone else would understand.


You get to meet legendary mentors, make new friends and eat pizza!


About Us

Life’s not easy when you’re a teenager – and if you’re deaf or hard of hearing, it can be even trickier. That’s why we established Hear For You. We’re a group of deaf people who have been in your shoes, and we want to make your bumpy teenage ride a little smoother. So, we run a range of programs and workshops that give teenagers like you the chance to connect, pick up new skills and strategies, find mentors and have a good time (yes really!).

At Hear For You we recruit some of the best and exciting deaf adults around, and they have been in your shoes. Find out what John has to share simply by clicking on his pic below. Go on, we know you want to! In the face of the COVID19 crisis we are now also offering brand new interactive, online programs. Click the logo to see upcoming programs or email onlineprograms@hearforyou.com.au for more information. 

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Our Mentoring Programs and Workshops

Hear For You’s activities are the core of what we’re all about. These vary from four-day mentoring programs to interactive one-day workshops, and they’re held all over Australia. What’s important to know is that they’re all focused on the same thing: giving deaf teenagers support, guidance and the chance to meet some people who actually ‘get’ what they’re going through.

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Hi everyone, I hope 2024 has gotten off to a smooth start for you all! We have a full calendar of workshops planned out for this year, catering to

Hear For You 2023 Summary NSW highlights:  Networking Night continues to grow – community for our young adults  28 workshops including two Life Goals & Skills Metro programs 

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