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Did you know? If your superannuation is with a retail super provider*, you can support Hear For You at no cost to yourself or your family.

AND, as an added benefit, with the complements of Hear For You, you can access a free admin support service to assist you with all your superannuation, again at absolutely no cost to you.

Hear For You has teamed up with KABM Pty Ltd, which has been providing superannuation support services to the sports industry and the charity sector since 2008. KABM can assist you with all your superannuation issues, such as finding lost super, consolidating multiple accounts, insurance matters and beneficiary nominations. Hear For You has appointed KABM to administer to the Hear For You staff super program and we will be generating revenue from their work on our behalf.

These services  are able to be provided free of charge to you, and Hear For You will benefit financially, because KABM receives a fee from your retail provider. In our agreement with KABM, the fee is shared with us as new income.

It is a win-win for you and for Hear For You. If you would like to take advantage of this service and support Hear For You, please complete the one-page form at this LINK and return by scanned email to me. If you would like to know more about KABM, please feel free to contact Simon on 0438 604 582 or Paul on 0412 748 827. You can check out KABM via their website:

*If your super is with an industry fund, you can still support Hear For You and receive the benefit of KABM’s service, but you would need to open a super account with a retail provider. KABM can assist you with that and has  two great low-fee options with AMP (0.69%) and BT (1.04%) available to Hear For You families.




As many of you would know we recently received a generous grant of $25,000 from the St George Foundation. These monies were much needed and went towards funding a special Hear For You NSW mid-senior high school life and on-line social skills education session with a deaf twist, supported senior deaf and hard of hearing high school students to attend the NSW mentoring sessions in 2016, and provided support for Rural and Regional mentees and their families to attend the ACT/NSW rural and regional NSW session in June.

In further discussions about how St George can assist Hear For You on going, we have agreed to a referral partnership with St George Bank.

St George bank has a full suite of banking products and experienced bankers who can tailor a solution that suits your specific and changing needs.

St George have a number of fantastic home loan offers at the moment featuring awesome fixed or variable rates and a $1,500 cashback if you refinance your loan to St George.

If you would like the opportunity to see if St George can offer you a better deal on your home loan, we can arrange a St George Lending Manager to get in touch with you. If you are happy with the St George Home Loan solution and choose to proceed then once your new loan settles St George will make a further donation to Hear for You.

Of course there is no obligation to proceed with any offer or recommendation. However if you have been thinking about reviewing your home loan then give our partners at St George an opportunity to assist you and in turn assist the continued good works of Hear For You.

Please contact Ben Odell  ( Regional Executive St George ) on 0478470912 or



Is your organisation looking for a charity to support – WE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!  

We promise we will make this easy for you, and if you pick us…we have some exciting ways on how your organisation can benefit from just simply being a corporate sponsor of Hear For You, email the CEO David Brady direct on


Funding is vital for the development and ongoing success of the Hear For You operations. Our strategic goal is to provide mentoring services across Australia over the next three years. To achieve this, we would love your support. Every dollar makes a difference to us!

How will my support make a difference?

A mentee explains, “Since joining Hear For You, I feel I have grown as a person in confidence about who I am and my deafness… I hope Hear For You can continue to grow to support more people like me, I could not be where I am today without their support.”

A parent offers her view, “My daughter sparkled with joy when she came home. I am donating to keep this going!”, while another parent points out, “Programs like this help to validate the young deaf person’s worth, improve self-esteem, networks and provide “lived” experiences that teenagers can relate to. I very much appreciate it… I believe all Australians should endorse this charity.”


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