Mentoring Programs In Regional Australia

Since 2018, Hear For You has been expanding into rural and regional Australia, meeting rising requests from deaf teenagers and their families by delivering Life Goals and Skills Blast programs.

This gives teenagers the opportunity to meet young, deaf adults and talk about mental health issues, social isolation and the other challenges that come with being the only deaf teenager in their community.

Our vision is for all young people who are deaf and hearing-impaired to reach their full potential in life. We want to minimise the impact of inaccessibility on a deaf child living in rural and regional Australia by bringing our programs to places more convenient for them and their families.

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Featured Article: Airnorth
The work we do in regional Australia was  featured in Airnorth, Together We Fly Magazine in June 2019.  Please click the button below to read the full article. Republished with permission.

Empowering Deaf Teenagers in Regional Australia