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Come join us to test your mental fortitude and lateral thinking in an Escape Room!!

The Inner City Amateur Dramatic Society welcomes you to their production of Scenes From Romeo and Juliet. You’ll be a huge part of the play! As stagehands! Underneath the stage! Isn’t that great?


Most of the cast and crew haven’t abandoned the play (hah!), everyone totally remembers their lines, the lead actors definitely don’t hate each other, and the rigging is in perfect condition. Really. It’ll be the most relaxing experience you’ve ever had.


An audio play, interactive performance and escape room, The Show Must Go On is a unique experience that will have you laughing as you help this bunch of amateurs put on a production no one will ever forget!


This is a narrative-focused experience that is a lot slower-paced and chilled than a standard escape room. It is recommended for players who don’t mind a less puzzle-heavy game. The game is not timed, and can take 50-70 minutes depending on the skill level of the group.


Warning: There are sections with flashing lights and sudden noises