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In my own Kitchen -enjoy a hands-on cooking experience with a delicious feast for the kids at the end that they make themselves.

Come join us to cook up an Family Delight!

Hear For You is hosting a face to face cooking workshop on Saturday 26th October. The workshop will be delivered by Luisa from In my own Kitchen. The Menu for the workshop is TBA but we will focused on a Sweets Menu

Workshop date -26th October

Time – 9.30-11.30am

Venue -The Newmarket Industrial Kitchen, 212 Ashgrove Ave Ashgrove

M enu – Sweets


If you have any questions please email sherri.brereton@shepherdcentre.org.au

Please note that by registering for this workshop, this constitutes your acceptance of a Service Agreement between yourself and Hear For You.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No just need to deaf/hearing impaired or hard of hearing, then this is for you!

Can I use my current NDIS funding to cover Hear For You?

Yes this is possible. During registration for the NDIS ticket, please fill out the required information so we know if you are:

NDIA Managed i.e. they pay all providers on your behalf

Self-Managed i.e. the NDIA will give you the funds so you can pay your providers directly

Third Provider-Managed i.e. a Plan Manager who will pay your providers on your behalf

You will need to give us your NDIS number and the number of hours or funding amount that you have secured with your NDIA planner.

Which Support Purpose will funding need to be allocated in for use with Hear For You events?

Funding needs to be allocated under the Support Purpose of ‘Capacity Building’.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please contact Sherri at sherri.brereton@shepherdcentre.org.au

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, simply email sherri.brereton@shepherdcentre.org.au


Providing accessible programs and workshops for all our participants is incredibly important to us at Hear For You and The Shepherd Centre. It is a key area of advocacy for us with Governments and the NDIS. We know making sure the NDIS understands the need for interpreting services is critical through claiming these services in participant plans. When these funds are covered philanthropically through organizations, there is no awareness of the need or funding requirements., nor is it sustainable for organizations to cover these costs through fundraising.

Please be advised that by providing us with your child’s details, you agree and give consent to your child to join in a Hear For You program/workshop.

Hear For You will keep and maintain your details and your child’s details in our database. We, Hear For You, will not share your/your child’s details with other organisations. To view the Hear For You Privacy Policy, please go to https://hearforyou.com.au/about-us/policies/

By registering, you agree to having the session recorded and it will be governed by our Privacy policy. If you do not want to be recorded, you are responsible for turning off your webcam and microphone before you enter the session and to make sure you only ask questions via the chat function or via email after the session.