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This is the special Year 7 session for all those deaf/hard of hearing students who have begun their journey into high school in 2024!

This is the special Year 7 session for all those deaf/hard of hearing students who have begun their journey into the big world of high school in 2024!!

Come and find out….

  • What is Hear For You
  • Meet our legendary Hear For You mentors
  • Make some new friends who are just like you !
  • Find out some tips/advice on how to get the most out of your first year!

We have a Parent Session included too:

  • Hear from parents of current Hear For You participants (TBC)
  • Meet other parents whose children are also starting Year 7!
  • Get advice on how to ensure the first year of high school is as smooth as possible

Live Captioning will be provided



Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

This is for current Year 7 students who are in their first term of Year 7 right now. We understand if you need to bring their siblings along due to scheduling and they are welcome to sit with you in the Parents Session (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).

The ticket says it is for ‘One deaf/hard of hearing teenager’, does this mean I have to purchase a separate tickets for myself (parent) and siblings?

No, if you and your other children wish to accompany your deaf/hard of hearing teenager to the Year 7 session, you are welcome to do so at no extra cost (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).

Can I use my current NDIS funding to cover Hear For You?

Yes this is possible. During registration for the NDIS ticket, please fill out the required information so we know if you are:

NDIA Managed i.e. they pay all providers on your behalf

Self-Managed i.e. the NDIA will give you the funds so you can pay your providers directly

Third Provider-Managed i.e. a Plan Manager who will pay your providers on your behalf

You will need to give us your NDIS number and the number of hours or funding amount that you have secured with your NDIA planner.

Which Support Purpose will funding need to be allocated in for use with Hear For You events?

Funding needs to be allocated under the Support Purpose of ‘Capacity Building’.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

On site Parking at the University is available

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please contact Sherri at sherri.brereton@shepherdcentre.org.au

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, simply email sherri.brereton@shepherdcentre.org.au


A s of 1st January 2023, we will no longer be covering costs of interpreters. These costs will need to be covered by funds in your NDIS plan.

W e are happy to help with the booking but will not be paying for the costs.

Providing accessible programs and workshops for all our participants is incredibly important to us at Hear For You and The Shepherd Centre. It is a key area of advocacy for us with Governments and the NDIS. We know making sure the NDIS understands the need for interpreting services is critical through claiming these services in participant plans. When these funds are covered philanthropically through organizations, there is no awareness of the need or funding requirements., nor is it sustainable for organizations to cover these costs through fundraising.

If you need help with liaising with the NDIA to secure this funding in your NDIS plan, please contact us at info@hearforyou.com.au

Please be advised that by providing us with your child’s details, you agree and give consent to your child to join in Hear For You’s programs/workshops. Hear For You will keep and maintain your details and your child’s details in our database. We, Hear For You, will not share your/your child’s details with other organisations.