Roadmap out of lockdown for young people and their families – a safe transition back to in-person services

Information current as at 27th October 2021 

Hear For You is planning a full schedule of programs, both in-person and online, in New South Wales, ACT and Queensland, for 2022.  

We will do everything practicable to protect our community and we support vaccinations to keep us safe. We’ll be taking a cautious, careful approach over the next few months as we establish how we work in our new normal and living with COVID and so we can do this as safely as possible, there will be no in-person services for the rest of this year, apart from those that are absolutely necessary and based on clinical need. 

Our parent organisation, The Shepherd Centre, has mapped the way that we will be coming out of lockdown in line with the government advice and health orders. You can read the full Roadmap here:

How the staged return to programs will work  

From 11 October to end of 2021 
70% + of population vaccinated 

  • Every person working or volunteering at  Hear For You locations will be fully vaccinated; 
  • If  you register for an in-person program, please ensure that you have proof of vaccination with you upon arrival: two doses for adults and at least one dose for children 12 years and over; 
  • We will be protecting our community by ensuring there will be no teenagers or adults on TSC/HFY premises who are unable to provide proof of vaccination, unless under exceptional circumstances (see the full Roadmap for more details); 
  • Family members or participants over 12 years of age who are not able to show proof of vaccination will also not be able to attend any of centres in person at this point in time, unless under exceptional circumstances as above; 
  • Masks remain required for every person on site unless to support and aid audibility and communication when talking to someone with hearing loss; 
  • All families, participants and visitors must use all QR codes to check in and out: this includes The Shepherd Centre’s check-in system and the state-based app; 
  • Physical distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained whilst on site wherever possible; 
  • Hands and surfaces will be sanitised regularly – please help us by using the sanitising stations on arrival and throughout your visit; 
  • We will abide by all state health, education and disability guidelines as these evolve and change; 
  • All our staff are responsible for ensuring we are COVID-safe and will be reminding everyone at our locations to do the same.  

2022 and beyond 

The government has indicated that further restrictions will ease during December and that life will be returning to a ‘new normal’. It is reported that cases will rise during November/December so The Shepherd Centre/Hear For You will monitor conditions and provide you with an update on what the start of 2022 will look like for us. 

We will be constantly reviewing our approach as information evolves, and provide further updates/guidelines as required, and in particular at the commencement of each term. We also recognise that back to in-person services may differ based on location, and type of program (for example hot spot areas, individual vs group programs).  

We are committed to providing you with clear, usable information on our guidelines and approach as we best know it, at any point in time. 

Please read the full Hear For You COVID-19 Roadmap here: