Use Your Super



Did you know? If your superannuation is with a retail super provider*, you can support Hear For You at no cost to yourself or your family.

PLUS, as an added benefit, with the compliments of Hear For You, you can access a free admin support service to assist you with all your superannuation, again at absolutely no cost to you.

Hear For You has teamed up with KABM Pty Ltd, which has been providing superannuation support services to the sports industry and the charity sector since 2008.

KABM can assist you with all your superannuation issues, such as finding lost super, consolidating multiple accounts, insurance matters and beneficiary nominations. Hear For You has appointed KABM to administer to the Hear For You staff super program and we will be generating revenue from their work on our behalf.

These services can be provided free of charge to you, and Hear For You will benefit financially, because KABM receives a fee from your retail provider. In our agreement with KABM, the fee is shared with us as new income – a win-win for you and for Hear For You!

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please complete the Client Superannuation Form and return by email to

If you would like to know more about KABM, please feel free to contact Simon on 0438 604 582 or Paul on 0412 748 827. You can check out KABM via their website:

*If your super is with an industry fund, you can still support Hear For You and receive the benefit of KABM’s service, but you would need to open a super account with a retail provider. KABM can assist you with that and has two great low-fee options with AMP (0.69%) and BT (1.04%) available to Hear For You families.