Strategic Direction


STRATEGIC DIRECTION (updated December 2014)


Vision: For all young people who are deaf or hard of hearing to reach their full potential in life.

Mission: Mentor and inspire young people who are deaf through evidence based programs and services that are accessible to all.

Values: Professionalism, Inclusive, Enthusiasm, Ethical, Experience, Progressive.

Strategic Goal:  Establish a leading not for profit charity with strong business practices and financial base to be able to provide mentoring for over 400 deaf teenagers per annum by 2016.


Key Result Area Objective
1. Programs Be the evidenced based program that all deaf teenagers in Australia and New Zealand want to participate in
2. Business Processes Achieve best practice and continuous improvement in business systems, structure and processes
3. People Build a strong network of key stakeholders including mentors, volunteers, mentees, supporters
4. Profile High national profile and number 1 in social media for deaf teenagers by 2016
5. Financial Set up a diversified funding model that embraces the NDIS environment with a reserve of $250,000 by 2016




 Key Differentiator:  Hear For You is an organisation that is “founded by deaf people, run by deaf adults, for deaf teenagers”.