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Where does Hear For You Operate? 

Hear For You is a fully accredited NDIS provider in all Australian States and Territories.  It aims to host programs in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and in selected NDIS rollout areas including Adelaide, and areas of Rural and Regional NSW.

Guide for Parents and Teenagers re: Application process for planning

Note:   This is a guide only and it is not a guarantee to secure NDIS funding for any Hear For You activity via your planning meeting.   However it will provide the required information to assist with your overall application as to ensure the best possible chance to secure funds.

What NDIS Support Cluster that Hear For You is qualified for?

Below are the relevant support clusters that applicants can apply under for NDIS funding to cover the costs of attending Hear For You programs:

Support Cluster No 9. Increased social and community participation (0009)

Support Item Support Item Ref No. Description UOM
Life transition planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skill development. 09_006_0106_6_3 Establishing volunteer assistance within the participant’s home or community to develop skills. For instance, assistance in attending appointments, shopping, bill paying, taking part in social activities and maintaining contact with others. Hour
Innovative Community Participation 09_008_0116_6_3 Mainstream services that promote inclusion of people with disability to expand opportunities for community participation and employment. Each
Individual skills development and training 09_009_0117_6_3 Individual life skills development and training including public transport training and support, developing skills for community, social and recreational participation. Hour
Community participation activities 09_010_0125_6_3 Participation in community based activities that build skills and independence. Annual


What Hear For You programs are available in 2017 and how many hours will I need to claim in the NDIS plan to cover the program cost?

Please refer to the table below as your guide to how many NDIS hours are required per program:

Session Type (Program) Mentoring Contact Hours When Where Possible Cluster support item #
Life Goals & Skills Program – 4 days 30 Jun to Nov Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane 09_006_0106_6_3
Life Goals & Skills Blast – 2 days 16 Feb to Nov Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Rockhampton, Canberra/Wollongong (TBC) 09_006_0106_6_3
Rock My World Session – 1 day 8 Feb to Jul Perth, Melbourne, Sydney 09_009_0117_6_3
Primary2Secondary – 1 day plus 2 hours 9 Nov Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney 09_006_0106_6_3

** Note the Cluster Support item is a guide and may vary between each participant’s plans.

What is offered in each program?

If the NDIA planner requires more information as to what is actually offered or what happens in each program, the table below provides a reference:

Session Type (Program) What is offered?
Life Goals & Skills Program – 4 days Four sessions of face to face mentoring by trained deaf or hard of hearing mentors on a variety of issues and topics. These range from Teamwork / Leadership / School subject choices / multi-class tactics / Careers / Casual Work / Friendships / making new ones / Drama / Technology / Social Media safety / Communication / Conflict Resolution / Identity / Deaf teen issues / Confidence.  Mentoring includes both individual, small group, and peer to peer.
Life Goals & Skills Blast – 2 days A shortened version of the Life Goals & Skills program designed for Rural and Regional Australia.   The topics and subjects are selected from a list of issues by the deaf teenagers (participant) and their parents, then Hear For You will conduct a two day weekend session at their closet rural/regional location in a group of others. Mentoring includes both individual, small group, and peer to peer.
Rock My World Session – 1 day This are special sessions hosted over one day focusing on an area of interest or topic for the participant.  It includes mentoring by mentors and guest presenters
Primary2Secondary – 1 day plus 2 hours This is a specialized session for participants and parents (carers) who are in Year 6 of Primary School and during the first critical term of high school in Year 7.   It will focus on information, advice, tips, strategies, as well as mentoring for both parents and participants in the 2 hour session (Year 6), followed by a full day 7 hour mentoring session (Year 7) in the following year.

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